Friday, March 30, 2012

Gina Tricot Beauty: Eye Shadows, Nail Polishes & Tweezers

Hey Sweeties :)
Gina Tricot, which is one off my favorite clothing stores just launched their very own beauty line filled with a bunch off different products such as nail polishes, eye shadows, lip glosses, and lipsticks in beautiful metallic, pastels and bright colors that are perfect for the summer. 

I picked up a 7 products to try out and thought I would share them with you guys. All the products from this line is very affordable, the eye shadows and nail polishes are $6 -7 each. Maybe I can put together a little Spring and Summer Giveaway with different products from this line? Let me know what you think about it in the comment's below :)

♥ Eye Shadow in Feather Grey.

♥ Eye Shadow in Chocolate.

♥ Eye Shadow in Earth.

♥ Nail Polishes in Have a Mint, Viva Glam & Azure Blue.

♥ Nail Polish in Have a Mint.

♥ Nail Polish in Viva Glam.

♥ Nail Polish in Azure Blue.

♥ Orange and Pink Mini Tweezers. 

How adorable are the Orange and Pink Mini Tweezers? I just had to pick them up because all off my other tweezers have disappeared and I have no idea where they went. It's weird how things just disappear, don't you agree? Swatches and reviews off all the products will be up soon, so stay tuned for that :)

Do you have ant favorite clothing stores? :) Thanks for looking :) Xoxo, Christine♥


  1. Eg skulle vært innom Gina Tricot ser eg :)

  2. Those nail polishes look so lush :D

  3. Wow! Will you look at that blue! It's gorgeous. & the Mint color is sooo pretty. The little tweezers are so bright & cute! lol Mine walk away from me every now & then too. lol

  4. @Elizabeth Michelle Du må dra innom å se på alle de fine produktene de har fått inn. Så mange fine sommer farger :)

  5. @Dinorah ♥ That blue is super bright, definitely a perfect summer color :) lol, I know! I don't know where they go, I never find them again once they are gone haha :)


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