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Today, I have a review of the new Makeup Revolution Lip Lava Liquid Lipsticks. I have all 5 shades in the range to show you, so let's get started! :-) 
♥ Makeup Revolution Lip Lava Liquid Lipsticks, (HERE).

The new Lip Lava Liquid Lipsticks from Makeup Revolution is a super intense liquid lipstick with a nourishing vitamin E formula. They have a very soft feel to them and they look very pretty on the lips. They don't feel too sticky, which I really like. I can't stand that sticky feeling that some lip products leave behind, thankfully these don't do that.

The pigmentation is wonderful, but they do feel a teeny bit drying on my lips. They also stick to any dry patches/flakes on my lips, which doesn't look too appealing. I always exfoliate my lips and use a good lip balm before I apply any type of lip product, so this isn't really a big issue for me. These do stain the lips a little so make sure to keep that in mind if you are thinking about picking up a shade or two, but it's nothing that a makeup remover can't handle though! :-)
♥ Makeup Revolution Lip Lava Liquid Lipsticks, (HERE).
♥ Makeup Revolution Lip Lava Liquid Lipsticks, (HERE). 

They come in a squeeze tube with a sponge tip applicator. The sponge tip applicator is quite small, which makes the application easier to control if you are applying them straight from the tube. They are fairly easy to apply, but the brighter shades can be a little more tricky to apply straight from the tube, because they are not as forgiving if you make a mistake with them. I would definitely recommend using a lip brush with Unleash, Shockwave and Firestorm, because it's going to give you a more cleaner look and you also get a more precise line with a lip brush as well.

The Lip Lava's don't have their names listed on the packaging, only on the box that they came in. If I could change anything about the packaging, this would definitely be it. I just prefer it when the names are listed on the product, because it's easier to tell the name of the product that I'm using without having to go online and look it up if I have forgotten it! :-) 

♥ Makeup Revolution Lip Lava Liquid Lipsticks, (HERE). 

 ♥ Makeup Revolution Lip Lava Liquid Lipstick in Tremor, (HERE). 

 ♥ Makeup Revolution Lip Lava Liquid Lipstick in Unleash, (HERE). 

 ♥ Makeup Revolution Lip Lava Liquid Lipstick in Shockwave, (HERE). 

 ♥ Makeup Revolution Lip Lava Liquid Lipstick in Firestorm, (HERE). 

♥ Makeup Revolution Lip Lava Liquid Lipstick in Forgiven, (HERE). 

Overall, I'm very pleased with the Lip Lava Liquid Lipsticks from Makeup Revolution. They look and feel good on the lips, the colors are beautiful and they are packaged in a really cute tube. My favorite shades from this range is definitely Shockwave and Forgiven. They are so beautiful and they both look really good on the lips. The other 3 colors are pretty too, but I don't think that they look as good on me as the other two! :-) 

Octyldodecanol, Hydrogenated Styrene/Isoprene Copolymer, Talc, Silica, Polypropylene, Propylparaben, BHT, Tocopheryl Acelate,
(+/-): CI 77891, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 15850, CI 45410, CI 77742.

Where to buy?
The Lip Lava Liquid Lipsticks are available at Makeup Revolution for £2.99 each or in a set for £11.96, (HERE). 

Makeup Revolution is cruelty free. 

What do you think about the Lip Lava Liquid Lipsticks from Makeup Revolution? Have you had a chance to try them out yet? Which shade is your favorite? :-) 

Love, Christine ♥

This product(s) was sent to me by Makeup Revolution for review purposes only. No payment was received for this review. My reviews are based on my personal opinions and experience using the item(s). All opinions are my own and 100% honest.


  1. I bought Tremor and fell absolutely in love with the colour and texture. Definitely going to have to get the full set.

    1. Yay, I'm happy to hear that you like it. It's definitely a gorgeous color :-) x

  2. I can't decided whether or not I want to buy these. I'm always thinking yeah I love the packaging but seeing them swatched I don't know, they look like they have great pigmentation x
    han // emandhan xo

    1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I was a little hesitant at first when I saw the colors. I do suggest picking up one or two shades, just to give them a try and see what you think about them. Then you can go back and get the rest if you do like them.

      I really like Shockwave and Forgiven, the other shades I'm not that into. I just don't like how they look on me, but everyone is different and you might end up loving them the most :-) x

  3. Unleash looks like the perfect shade for the beach!

    1. It's a really pretty color, just wish it looked better on me though ha ha :-) x

  4. These look like perfect dupes for the Too Faced Melted Liquid lipsticks! I love the look of Tremor the most :)

    1. Tremor is a really pretty color, I bet it would look gorgeous on you :-) x

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Emma, you're so sweet :-) x

  6. I love the second one!

  7. Yeah, they look quite similar. Really want to try out a couple of shades from Too Faced as well :-) x


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