Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nails Of The Day: Essie's Fiji & Elf Cosmetics Twinkle

Hey Sweeties :) 
I have another ''Nails Of The Day'' post to share with all of you tonight. I have been really into glitter nail polish lately. I love wearing them on top of other nail polishes, as well as just on the ring finger for some extra fun and girliness.

Today I'm wearing Fiji from Essie and on top of that I have added Twinkle from Elf Cosmetics. I absolutely love how this look turned out. It is a really fresh nail look which makes your nails look very clean and pretty, perfect for the summer :)

 ♥ Essie's Fiji & Elf Cosmetics Twinkle.

  ♥ Essie's Fiji & Elf Cosmetics Twinkle.

  ♥ Essie's Fiji & Elf Cosmetics Twinkle.

Fiji is one of my newest nail polishes from Essie. I picked it up yesterday, so this is my first time trying it out. This is definitely one of the ''must have'' nail polishes  from Essie in my opinion. Fiji is the perfect nail polish to have, if you are looking for something simple but cute at the same time. It gives your nails that clean and neutral look which is perfect for every occasion.

Which nail polish are you rocking on your nails at the moment? What's your favorite nail polish from Essie? Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :) Xoxo, Christine♥


  1. Lovely color!! The elf polish on top definitely perfects it!!

  2. Loved your nails...I am currently wearing Avon's Urban Jungle nail polish..Its a deep green shade... :)


  3. What a lovely combination. The ELF glitter looks great Im going to pick up a bottle if its still in stock.

  4. So cute! Essie makes great pinks. Personally, I love Meet Me at Sunset and Aruba Blue.

  5. What a gorgeous combo! I must buy more Essie polishes.

    Love your hello kitty icon too.. sooo cute!



  6. I LOVE these I have to get these colors for sure.

    Little Pink Strawberries

  7. Christine your nails look gorgeous! I've really started to like glitter nail too. Love the sparkle ^_^

  8. Gorgeous, love the glitter on top :) xx

  9. Pretty princess glitter nails :D Totally my style!!


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