Monday, July 30, 2012

Mini Haul Post: H&M

Hey Dolls :) 
Yesterday, I went to H&M and I picked up a few goodies. I only picked up four items, but I wanted to do a post and share them with you guys. Haul posts are always fun to do, I hope that you you will enjoy this teeny tiny little haul post. Let me know if you want to see swatches of the two nail polishes I picked up :)

 ♥ Makeup Sponges from H&M.

I'm going to try and create a cute ombre nail look, so I had to pick up some makeup sponges. These are great, definitely keep your eyes open for a tutorial :)

♥ Jo Is In The House & Why So Blue. 

 ♥ Jo Is In The House. 

How pretty is this nail polish? It reminds me of Orly's Shine On Crazy Diamond, which has been on my wish list for a very long time. Jo Is In The House looks like a great and cheaper alternative to Shine On Crazy Diamond. It has a clear base, so its going to be perfect to layer on top of other nail polishes :)

♥ Why So Blue.

Another beautiful nail polish from H&M. When I saw this shade, I just knew that I had to bring it home with me. How pretty is this nail polish going to be for fall? I can't wait to paint my nails with it. Why So Blue and Jo Is In The House is going to look stunning together, what do you think? :)

What do you think about the two nail polishes that I picked up? Have you bought anything from H&M lately? Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment :) Xoxo, Christine♥


  1. I have Jo Is In The House and it's SO beautiful!!

  2. I love shopping at H&M! Great Haul

  3. I love the look of Jo Is In The House!

  4. love the blue nail polish!

  5. Pretty polishes! I was thinking of going to H&M to see if they have any new polish trios :)

  6. The blue polish is extremely pretty. Can't wait to see you put it on.

  7. The why so blue polish is gorgeous! Xo

  8. Love the look of the silver glitter polish. I have a couple of mini polishes from H&M and i really like them. I always forget they do makeup though. I need to pop in and see whats new.

  9. I had no idea that H&M made such cool beauty products! I'll have to check them out! The colors are absolutely gorgeous, btw. :) And the sponges are really cute, too!

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  10. Why so blue is wonderful colour!

  11. The nail polishes look so good!



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