Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Haul from H&M: Sweaters, Accessories & A New Everyday Dress

I have a clothing haul to share with you all tonight, I recently ordered these items at Im in love with all the clothes for Fall/Winter, I just wish my closet was bigger haha! Anyone wish they had more space in their closet? :)

♥ I have this sweater in green and I really love it. When I saw this on sale I just had to pick it up, its super soft :)

♥ This is such a cute, simple and perfect everyday dress, I cant wait to wear it with my new boots :)

♥ Scarf, Mittens, Tights, Knee High Socks & a Cap.

♥ It gets very cold in Norway when the Winter arrives, so big and warm sweaters are must haves here. I think im going to wear this with some grey, thick tights, boots and my new leopard hat :)

♥ Gold Bracelet.

♥ Im loving these earrings, especially the pink flower and owl earrings :)

I really miss posting my outfit pictures and sharing my style with you all, I always recieve such amazing feedback from you guys! The weather is so grey and boring here now that Winter is here so my pictures dont look as good as they do in the Summer. Im going to try and snap a few outfit pictures tomorrow and see how they turn out. Keep your fingers crossed :)

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Do you buy clothes online? :)
Xo, Christine


  1. i love the pink knit sweater

  2. Those owl earrings are so cute! And the pink sweater looks so comfy. I wish we had winter here. Nothing but summer heat all year round. I also would appreciate more closet space... my current closet is on wheels, lol!

  3. Those earrings are adorable. Nice winter buys; all very cosy. :)

  4. super cute!! I love the pink sweater a lot haha

  5. I always wish my closet was bigger! I'm not double and triple hanging things on the same hanger lol

    But great haul! Love the earrings!

  6. Aww cute owl earrings!!! Hihihi


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