Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fair Pink & Mango Madness [Swatches]

♥ L-R: Fair Pink & Mango Madness

Im loving Mango Madness, how gorgeous is this color? I dont own anything like this one in my nail polish collection, so im very happy about that. Its much more gorgeous in person than how it looks on the website. Fair Pink is a beautiful and neutral nail polish color which is perfect for everyday use. This is a very light white/pink color and I really like how it looks when its swatched.

I picked these up when Elf Cosmetics had their big 50% off, such a bargain :)
I have quite a few off the nail polishes by Elf Cosmetics, so I think it might be time to do a little nail polish collection post? :)

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What do you think about Fair Pink & Mango Madness?
Are you interested in seeing a nail polish collection post? :)
Love Christine


  1. These are so pretty! I love mango madness and I love the name of it!


  2. I LOVE Mango madness!!!! It is one of my favorite polish from Elf. and You are right, the picture on their website doesn't do it justice, this color is soo much nicer in person :)

    Fair pink looks really nice too, I just might add it to my next order. :)

  3. awee I love the fair pink! the pink is a bit whity :3

  4. Hi! How many coats for the pink one?
    I own Mango Madness and LOVE it! :D

  5. These are great colors I've never tried the elf colors :)
    For the price though you can't beat it.



  6. Fair Pink is very Chanel-esque, reminds of me Paris in spring and such!

  7. I LOVE these colors!!!

    XOXO, CC



  8. @Jenn Staz Used three coats on both off these :)

  9. th're so pretty!! i love mango madness. i think it looks like Catrice i SCREAM PEACH, :) WhAT DO YOU THINK??

    OH, I did swatched I scream peach in my blog :)


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