Monday, September 13, 2010

Inspiration: Nails

Here are some pictures of some amazing nail art, that i found on google.
I get so inspired when i see talented people, i want to try out all these looks. :)

Is there something that i really love, its zebra prints, so hot :)

This look is so cute, but it looks really difficult to do.

This is so pretty. I love chanel nail polishes, they have so many
amazing colors to choose from and the
quality is really good :)

Pretty, pretty, pretty :)

Love both of these colors together.

Love this look, would love to try this one out :)

Which look is your favorite? :)

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  1. I love them all!!! I just wish I knew how to do them.

  2. they all love them hun

  3. Love your blog, I am following you now!

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  4. the zebra one is fun to wear i did that awhile ago. lots of people always think its fake haha. i love the french manicure with the laces. It looks like they just used a sharpie.. i would do that lol. great pictures!

  5. I love them all:P
    Check out my blog :P
    Nye innlegg idag:)

    Gla i dæ snuppa:)

  6. I really like the first and second look.

  7. aww id love to show you but i just through out my black deco polish cause it was super sticky :( the place to buy it is really far from where i live. when i get the chance to go there again ill forsure do a tutorial :)

  8. i love the second one with the bows.


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