Saturday, September 18, 2010

Big Mark. Girl Cosmetics Haul

I ordered some things from Mark. Girl Cosmetics and i wanted to show you the things i got. I have never tried Mark. before so im excited to try it out. The makeup is very affordable. :)

Got lots of products as you can see :)

Here is everything i got:

Primed For Perfection - Face Primer
Price: $10

Get a tint tinted moisturizer lotion


This is in ivory / nude
Price: $9

Custom color palette.

Ordered 8 eyeshadows, let me know if you want to see swatches of the colors :)
Price: $5 for one.

From Left To Right:
Fairy Dust & Apple

Dragonfly & Ocean Drive

Glitterati & Biscotti

Cake & Latte

The lovely Gail, who i ordered everything from also sent me some gifts.


Glow baby glow, hook up lip gloss in the color pink crush.
Price: $6

Totally balmed SPF 15 tinted lip balm.
Price: $8

Make it big, lash plumping mascara
Price: $7

She also sent me this sample of their perfume Celebrate. It smells really good :)

So here is everything i got from Mark. Girl Cosmetics.
Cant wait to try everything out.

Please leave me a comment if you want to see swatches of the eyeshadows.
Or tell me if you want to see anyting else on my blog.



  1. I LOVE LOVE Your Detailed pictures and cannot wait to hear the reviews :) I hear lots of good things about the shadows!!! YAY!!! Thank you Christine :) LOVE IT!!!

  2. I've never heard of the brand Mark before, thus I really cannot comment. But judging from the packaging, they all seem yummy like chocolate :p Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Hey love all those products!! The eyeshadows look great....Guess you should give the swatches. Lovely post!!!

  4. I'm not a fan of Mark eyeshadows, they are so sheer (well the ones I've tried, including Cake)

  5. glad your trying mark!, I hope you can give reviews on these!

  6. Lovely haul. Swatches!! Hehe. Also, what do you think of Mark products? I've never actually tried anything from them.

  7. Great Haul, u make me wanna get the products right now!!!

  8. I have never used that brand, but I am impressed by your huge haul!
    XOXO and greetings from Spain,

  9. great haul. love the tinted moisturizer and lip gloss.


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