Sunday, December 4, 2011

Collective Haul: H&M, TRESemmé & Gina Tricot

I have a collective haul to share with you all. I picked up these products a few weeks ago but I haven't shared them with you. You can expect to see some nail looks using the two nail polishes from H&M, Im super excited about both colors, they are so pretty. Confetti Kisses is perfect for Christmas :)

♥ Shampoo & Conditioner from TREsemmé. These babies were in a gift set for only $14. Each bottle is 900ml, what a steal. I cant wait to try these out :)

♥ Sweater from H&M.

♥ Scarf from H&M.

♥ Shirt from H&M.

♥ Earrings from H&M.

♥ Bracelet from H&M.

♥ Lip Glosses from H&M. These are so cute, Im going to use these as decoration on my makeup drawer :)

♥ Nail Polishes from H&M in Confetti Kisses & Kiss Goodnight.

♥ Top from Gina Tricot.

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See anything you like? Have you tried any products from TRESemmé? If yes, do you have a favorite product? :)
Xo, Christine


  1. Omg i love the first sweather from H&M must buy that and the scarf. H&M is the best retail store for me hands down and then follows topshop.

    Ps i have a similar shirt but how mush did that one cost?

    Love the clothes =)

  2. I've only every tried the TRESemmé dry shampoo; which didn't work particularly well for me. I've seen those giant bottles of shampoo & conditioner. I wanted to try them but my bathroom doesn't have much space. Didn't know where to put them. Haha. I really like the sliver/grey jumper you got from H&M. :) x

  3. Awesome haul. I so want to see a review on the shampoos.

  4. Så mye fint du har kjøpt deg :)

  5. Great buys sweetie,love everything u got

  6. Wow here in London those two big Tresemme bottles are £5 on offer! (like 60 kr).. but hey I guess scandinavia is always more expensive.. x

  7. @Sarirah Im sorry to hear that the TREsemme dry shampoo didn't work for you. I have only tried one of their products before and thats a heat spray which I like a lot :)

  8. i LOVE your clothing haul especially the leopard scarf! :)

  9. I used to work in H&M so have loads of their make up! Its not bad at all!! :)


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