Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Perfume: Miss Dior Chérie

I absolutely love this perfume called Miss Dior Chérie. I got the chance to smell it here in Thailand and i fell in love with it right away. Im going to look for it when we arrive at the tax free shop back in Norway. They have everything there and this perfume is a must have in my perfume collection.

Have you tried this perfume before?
Which perfume is your favorite? :)
Xoxo Christine


  1. Oh, I love it as well! It is so pretty. However, every time I tried it, it seemed to me that it is not very long lasting. Or my skin is weird :/ But no matter what, I want it badly in my collection :D

    I have a lot of favorites. The one I adore lately is Dior Midnight Poison.


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